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Ten Essential Items to Include in Your Roadside Safety Kit

It is a late night and you’re driving home after a long day at work. You are cruising on the highway and then all of sudden your car shuts down. Other cars are zooming by and your phone battery is low. In that moment, you know that your car battery just died. What do you do? Are you prepared with the tools you need to help fix the problem?

Although the above situation is hypothetical, situations similar to the one above occur more than you think. This is why at Rick Case Honda Davie, your preferred Honda dealership in the Miami, FL area, we want you to always be prepared by having a comprehensive roadside safety kit in your car. It is unknown what type of car troubles or potential accidents can happen on the road, but regardless of the situation, having a prepared roadside safety kit can help you stay safe when you need it the most.

roadside-safety-kit Continue reading

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Rick Case Collision Center Is South Florida Collision Repair Experts

If your car is unfortunately damaged in a South Florida auto accident, you have many choices as to where to take it in for repairs. We created our Collision Center here at Rick Case Honda Davie to provide some of the highest standards of quality repair services available in South Florida.

It’s very stressful when you need major repairs to your vehicle. You will have many questions, such as: will my car be repaired properly, how much the repairs will cost, and do you use original equipment parts? You may also ask how long will the repairs take and are your service techs properly trained in the latest repair techniques?

It’s our job here at Rick Case Collision Center to relieve you of that stress and worry. When you take your car to our Collision Center, you can rest assured that we will strive to repair your vehicle to “pre-collision” conditions in a timely, courteous, and cost-effective manner. Your complete satisfaction is our number-one goal.


Here are some of the many reasons why you should consider choosing the Rick Case Collision Center in the event your car is damaged in an accident: Continue reading

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10 Ways to Get Your Car Ready for Summer

Everybody knows how hot it can get here in Davie and Ft. Lauderdale. So now is the time to start prepping your car for the sweltering summer months that lie ahead. We here at Rick Case Honda, your preferred Honda dealership in Davie, Florida, have put together a list of 10 important steps you should take to get your car ready for summer.Prepare-your-car-for-the-boiling-summer Continue reading

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Gift Ideas for Honda Lovers

The holiday season is about spending time with family and friends. It’s also a time to give and show appreciation to your loved ones. Have you bought gifts for everyone on your list? The best gift you can give someone is something that provides value to their everyday lives. While glitzy gifts are easy to find, they are often overpriced. So why not opt for practical and affordable gifts your loved ones actually need. If you have a Honda enthusiast on your gift list you’re in luck!

Here are some great buys any Honda enthusiast will appreciate.

Remote Engine Start

Part#: 08E91-E54-100 — Retail price: $244.00

Honda Remote Starter

The best gift is one that provides comfort and convenience. The remote engine start offers both by allowing you to control your car from 400 feet away. This comes in handy especially when nature throws one of its tantrums. With the remote engine start you can kiss goodbye to the time you have to endure extreme temperatures waiting for your car’s heater or A/C to catch up. The remote comes with an LCD display that allows you to control in-cabin temperatures before you enter the car. Now that’s as practical as it gets.

Cargo Hook

Part#: 08L96-TA0-101A — Retail price:  $12.00

Honda Cargo Hook

Make grocery shopping trips more convenient with the cargo hook. No matter how smoothly you drive, sharp turns and road bumps displace and scatter groceries all over the cargo area. With the cargo hook you can drive freely knowing that your groceries will stay secure and organized until you get home. With three separate hangers per hook, you can hang multiple grocery bags and say goodbye to spills.

First Aid Kit

Part#: 08865-FAK-100 — Retail price:  $30.00

Honda First Aid Kit

Whether you drive a Honda Odyssey or a Honda Accord, having a first-aid kit is a must. This custom designed zippered case comes with basic first-aid applies to help you with minor injuries. Its convenient size makes it easy to customize and store. Also, the kit can be easily secured on any surface using its double sided hook and loop attachment strips. This genuine Honda first-aid kit is available for all Honda models.

All Season Floor Mats

Part#: 08P13-T0A-110A — Retail price:  $143.00

Honda Floor Mats

Keep your loved one’s car clean with Honda’s all season floor mats. All season floor mats come in handy when it comes to keeping your floors dry and stain free. They are made with tough rubber materials that hold dirt and debris. Also, the rubber material makes the mats easy to clean. Just use some soap and water and you are good to go.

Find more gift options by visiting the Honda accessory store online. Once you make your order you can pick up at your local Honda dealership at no extra freight cost.

Is your loved one in dire need of new tires? At Rick Case Honda we offer parts specials to help you get the parts you need without breaking the bank. We know expenses build up fast during the holiday season, so be sure to take advantage of our parts specials online. Need help with finding the right parts? Give us a call at 877 544 2249 today!

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Father’s Day Gift Guide: A Guide on What to Get Dad

“One father is more than a hundred schoolmasters.” – George Herbert

Father’s Day is just around the corner and you may be wondering what to get your dad this year. Fathers are an important part of every child’s life. They help teach and mold us as individuals and help us become our own person.

This Father’s Day don’t get stuck giving dad a gift card or a new tie, instead think outside of the box and consider a gift from our personal Father’s Day Gift Guide!

Miami Marlins Stadium

Image via Alberto Cabello / CC BY 2.0

Tickets to a favorite sporting event. No matter what sport your dad is interested in, South Florida has it all. From basketball, to baseball and football, consider purchasing tickets to an upcoming game and spend some quality time with dad. Visit your favorite local team’s website for ticket information or check out third-party ticket sale sites like StubHub for discounted tickets.

Grab and golf cart and hit the greens. In South Florida, there are numerous golf courses available that would be great to treat any father to. Local Davie area courses include Cooper Colony Golf Course in Cooper City, FL or Pembroke Lakes Golf in Pembroke Pines. For a little road trip with dad, hit the greens in Miami at the Country Club of Miami or the Miami Beach Golf Club. Don’t forget your 9-iron!

Remote Engine Start

Image via Honda eStore

Customizable Honda gear and accessories. Does your dad drive a Honda? If the answer is yes, this Father’s Day consider some customizable Honda gear and accessories for dad. Perhaps dad has been eyeing a remote starter for his Honda Ridgeline or is in need of a hood air deflector for his new Honda Pilot. For more budget-friendly options, consider more practical gift ideas including customizable Honda travel mugs, hats and apparel.

Brewing Kit

Image via Len Rizzi / Wikimedia

Home brewing kits. If you consider your dad a beer connoisseur, then a home brewing kit may be the perfect Father’s Day gift! With a variety of brewing kits available for purchase, no matter the type of beer your dad enjoys, there’s something for everyone.

Car Wash

Keep things simple. Whether you’re on a budget or you and your dad prefer the simpler things in live, keep things simple this Father’s Day. Take dad on a fishing trip at Silver Lake Park, or bowling at SpareZ Davie. Other options include a barbeque for dad or by giving his new or used Honda a much needed car wash!

No matter what you decide to get or do for dad this Father’s Day, make sure that you let your dad know how great he is!

From the Rick Case Honda team, wishing all dads a wonderful Father’s Day!

For Honda service and auto repair, visit Rick Case Honda located at 15700 Rick Case Honda Way in Davie, FL. Schedule your next service appointment online or call (877) 527-6510.

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5 Traveling Tips Before Your Next Family Vacation

Did you know? Four Honda models – Honda Civic, Honda CR-V, Honda Odyssey, Honda Pilot – have been named a “Best Family Car” by Kelly Blue Book’s KBB.com, the most from any single brand. 


Honda Family Vehicles

May is here and before you know it school will be out for summer, which means your family vacation is just around the corner!

As with any trip, it’s always important to have a plan of action – especially for those hitting the road to get to their vacation destination.

Whether or not you will be traveling in one of the four Honda models named as a “Best Family Car” or in another vehicle, be sure to keep the following tips in mind before you hit the road with your family this season.

  1. Get your car inspected. If your family is planning on a long road trip this season, it’s always a good idea to have your car inspected before you begin the journey. Ensure your tires are properly inflated, and that everything is in proper order and functioning correctly.


  1. Plan a road trip route. While you may know where you would like to end up on vacation, have you thought about what route you’re going to take to get there? Map out a route that you would like to take your family on, perhaps stopping at tourist attractions along the way. Another tip is to have a backup route planned just in case you run into detours along the way.


  1. Pack snacks for the entire family. Cut down on time and spending money by packing a variety of snacks for you and your family. Bring along various snacks including fruits and veggies, or make your own trail mix you know the whole family will enjoy. Don’t forget to pack water and other beverages to help quench thirst.


  1. Bring along games and toys. To help pass time, be sure to bring a few games and toys for the kids. From playing cards, to coloring books, electronic game and favorite toys – all of these items can help keep your vehicle calm, cool and collected.


  1. Don’t forget a first-aid kit. No matter what type of vehicle you will be taking on your upcoming trip, ensure that a first-aid kit is packed. Many first-aid kits are budget friendly and contain essentials in case of an emergency. A travel first-aid kid is suitable for all travelers and should be kept in a secure location. Remember, safety first!


One last important tip is to have fun and enjoy the journey. Your trip will be full of memories that will last a life time with the ones you love most, so be sure to enjoy!

If you’re in the market for a new car perfect for the entire family, consider one of the four top-rated family vehicles from Honda – the Honda Civic, Honda CR-V, Honda Odyssey and Honda Pilot.

For all of your new Honda and used car needs, including service and repair, visit Rick Case Honda in Davie, FL. – serving Southern Florida residents since 1986. When you think Honda, think Rick Case Honda.


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The Secret to Affording Your First Car

Now that it’s spring, the weather is getting warmer, flowers are blooming and new college graduates are flooding into the “real world.” One of the first steps in the journey to adulthood is buying a new car, and with all the driving you’re sure to do – going to job interviews, waiting in rush hour traffic and the occasional trip to your alma mater – you’ll need one. You’ve already stressed enough over homework and exams, so we’re taking the stress out of the car-buying process with the Honda College Graduate Program.

Honda College Graduate Program

The Honda College Graduate Program

We know just how hard you had to work to get to this point – taking exam after exam, pulling all-nighters and eating ramen noodles every night – so we’re celebrating your big milestone with you. We’re giving you $500 toward any 2013 or 2014 new Honda when you finance or lease with us. Here’s what you need to qualify:

  • 5% minimum down payment
  • Verifiable proof of employment or firm commitment from an employer with start date no more than 120 days from date of finance contract
  • Graduated in past two years or will graduate in next six months
  • No adverse credit history
  • Master’s, bachelor’s or associate degree from US-accredited college or registered nursing school
  • Provide Honda dealer with credit and document requirements

With The Honda College Graduate Program, you get the option to defer your first payment for 90 days, plus it’s a great way to build credit.

With all the twists and turns that come after graduating college, you’ll be glad you have a dependable ride. Now, go trade in your sweatpants for a freshly pressed pair of slacks and drive confidently into adulthood with your new Honda.

Come visit our award-winning dealership, Rick Case Honda, to test drive any of our new or used Honda models and meet our friendly staff. We’re located at I-75 at Griffin Road, 15700 Rick Case Honda Way, Davie, FL 33331. For more information, give us a call at (877) 527-6510.

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How to maintain your Honda Accord’s Fuel Economy

With today’s high gas prices and concerns about the environment comes a high demand for eco-friendly cars. Over the years the automotive industry has emerged into a new era of transportation where more focus in put on performance and efficiency. From hybrids to electric powered cars, it is safe to predict further improvements in eco-friendly technologies.

2014 Honda Accord SedanHonda automakers are playing their part by producing some of the most innovative engine and transmission systems. With the all-new 2014 Honda Accord sedan, you can expect to rely on the high-tech engine for a good fuel economy. Honda uses lightweight materials throughout the car for improved aerodynamics and functionality. Although the 2014 Honda Accord is already built for fuel efficiency; here’s what you can do to help maintain its fuel economy.

  • Keep your engine well maintained. The all-new 2014 Honda Accord offers fuel efficient engine options. One way you can maintain your engine is to pay attention to what is going on under your hood. Also, pay attention to your dashboard warning lights. A simple tune-up and lubrication will keep your engine performing at optimum levels.


  • Get your tires properly inflated. The condition of your tires has a big impact on your fuel economy. You can spend less money on gas by having your tires properly inflated. The ideal time to check tire pressure is when the car hasn’t been driven. Refer to your car’s manual or visit Rick Case Honda, your South Florida Honda dealership, to get the recommended air pressure for your car.


  • Get regular oil changes. Did you know you can waste up to 20% of fuel by not replacing engine oil? Engine oil breaks down as it ages, thus making it less effective at doing its job. In order for engine oil to keep your car parts and engine running smoothly it has to be replaced on a regular basis. Without the right type and amount of oil, your engine will run hotter and less efficiently. Use manufacturer specified engine oil to keep your engine and car parts well lubricated.


  • Drive calmly and safely. Over time, aggressive braking and accelerating will take its toll on your car. As hard as it may seem, disciplined driving will pay off in the long run. To avoid speeding, leave early and give yourself time to drive the speed limit. Driving at 60mph instead of 65mph will make a difference in your fuel consumption. Rely on cruise control on non-busy roads to help you maintain a steady speed. One way to save gas is to avoid traveling during rush hour. Idling in traffic will decrease your gas mileage.


Whether you are driving a new or used Honda Accord, keeping your car in good shape will prolong its fuel efficiency. A well maintained car is an eco-friendly car because it emits less CO2 into the atmosphere. To get started on getting auto repair, visit Rick Case Honda at Griffin Road, 15700 Rick Case Honda Way, Davie, FL 33331, or call 888 384-1036 to get the latest deals on services and car parts.





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At the start of every year, Americans perform a mental and physical purge of all the things they want to get rid of. One of the main reasons why there is a 90% chance of failure when it comes to resolutions is that people make goals that are too unrealistic and abrupt. The best way to make your resolutions stick is to make them tangible and achievable. Instead of saying “I want my car to feel and look new,” plan how you are going to achieve this and what actions you are going to take to reach your goal. To help you get started, here are some of the things you can do to improve your Honda.

New Year Resolutions


Taking time to clean the interior and exterior of your car will make a big difference in its appearance. Clear out everything you can reach and keep only the necessities. Clean off dirt and any signs of spills from your carpet and floor mats, to get rid of stains and foul odors. Paying attention to every detail in your car while cleaning will enable you to inspect your car parts for signs of wear and tear.


Whether your Honda is new or used, investing in electronics will improve your driving experience. You can give your car an aesthetically pleasing look by adding an interior illumination blue LED soft light that integrates with your interior lights. The Auto day/night mirror with a built in compass is another chic feature which will make using maps and following directions while driving easier.

Wheels and Tires

Improving the performance of your tires is as easy as making sure they are properly inflated. Over inflating tires with worn out tread will make your car unbalanced so be sure to pay attention to the tread of your tires. Invest in a good set high quality of tires; this will give you a chance to improve the exterior appearance and performance of your Honda. Good tires will also improve your gas mileage and help save you money in the long run.

Detailing of Lights

Over time, your headlights and taillights accumulate dirt and debris which causes the illumination level of your lights to deteriorate. Most people avoid dealing with their exterior lights due to fear of spending money on replacement and repair costs. Buying new headlamps is an unnecessary expense, a simple clean-up and detail will leave your lights looking new and give you better vision at night.

For questions or to get started on your auto repairs, visit Rick Case Honda online to schedule a service appointment with one of our trained technicians.

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Winter Maintenance Checklist – Are You Prepared?

December is here and that means winter is right around the corner. Whether you live in the northern parts of the country or even in the south, anyone with a car should take the appropriate steps to winterize their vehicles.

Winterize Your Car - Antifreeze

To help ensure your Honda is ready for the winter season, be sure to reference our handy winter maintenance checklist.

Winter Maintenance Checklist:
☐ Washer Fluid – To avoid freezing, be sure to include a 50/50 mixture of windshield fluid and antifreeze.

☐ Tires – When temperatures change, so does tire pressure. Check tire pressure on all four tires and ensure the spare is in good condition. To find your auto’s proper tire pressure, refer to your owner’s manual.

☐ Batteries – Test your battery to ensure it is fully charged. During winter, especially with cold temperatures, a fully charged battery is needed to start an engine.

☐ Wiper Blades – From rain and snow, make sure your wiper blades are in tip-top condition to provide you with a clean and safe windshield.

☐ Brakes – It’s always important to periodically test your brakes. Visit Rick Case Honda in Davie, FL, near Miami, or your local auto repair shop to ensure brakes meet inspection and all components are in working order.

☐ Lights – This includes headlights, brake lights, turn signals and flashers. Before winter arrives, check the functionality of all lights and replace any burnt out bulbs.

☐ Emergency Road Kit – If your Honda does not yet have an emergency road kit, this is a must-have. While there are a variety of kits available, the top items to have on-hand include a flashlight, phone charger, first aid kit, drinking water, blankets, snow shovel and jumper cables.

While below zero temperatures and snow are rare in South Florida, no matter where you are in the country, it’s important to maintain your car to ensure its functioning properly for safe and easy driving.

Have questions? Need your car inspected? Visit Rick Case Honda in Davie, FL near Miami for all of your Honda needs.

Safe travels!




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