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Rick Case Honda Graduation Program


Graduation is coming up and an occasion as momentous as this calls for some reflection. There’s a lot you’ve learned over the past four years, but one of the most important lessons is to make the most of great opportunities as they come your way. In the months to come, we hope you’ll see a lot of these, from the opportunity to travel and explore the world, to your first job opportunity where you can make the most out of your education. Whether your plans include joining the workforce or moving on to graduate school, take some advice from us and remember these few things:

  • Don’t get discouraged. Many of us have applied for dozens of jobs or made handfuls of phone calls with no response. Life is about keeping your head up. Remember, even the people we admire most got turned down a few times.
  • Challenge yourself. You’ve made it this far, don’t stop now. We can only do better if we are being challenged. Don’t settle for the status quo.
  • Don’t overdo it. While it’s good to be challenged, don’t forget to take time to relax, travel, and enjoy your freedom.

We at Rick Case Honda want to give you another opportunity, think of it as our graduation gift to you! As part of the Honda Graduate Program, we want to do the work to help you find the right Honda. This is an opportunity that you definitely shouldn’t pass up. No matter where life takes you, get there in your new Honda.

If you’re ready to make that first big decision and pick out your new Honda, take a look at our inventory of new models and don’t hesitate to reach out to schedule a test drive. See below for benefits of the program and links to more information.

If you aren’t quite ready for a new car, but want to celebrate your graduation, we’ve got a quality selection of used and pre-owned vehicles that would make a great graduation present to yourself. Whatever your situation, Rick Case Honda is happy to help!


  • Flexible and competitive financing, lease and purchase-plan packages on any new or Certified Used Honda Vehicle
  • Deferred first-payment option for 90 days, with 60 days of no interest*

From all of us at Rick Case Honda, congratulations graduates!

For more on the Minimum Eligibility Requirements, take a look at College Graduate Program!

*Available only on traditional financing.