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How to maintain your Honda Accord’s Fuel Economy

With today’s high gas prices and concerns about the environment comes a high demand for eco-friendly cars. Over the years the automotive industry has emerged into a new era of transportation where more focus in put on performance and efficiency. From hybrids to electric powered cars, it is safe to predict further improvements in eco-friendly technologies.

2014 Honda Accord SedanHonda automakers are playing their part by producing some of the most innovative engine and transmission systems. With the all-new 2014 Honda Accord sedan, you can expect to rely on the high-tech engine for a good fuel economy. Honda uses lightweight materials throughout the car for improved aerodynamics and functionality. Although the 2014 Honda Accord is already built for fuel efficiency; here’s what you can do to help maintain its fuel economy.

  • Keep your engine well maintained. The all-new 2014 Honda Accord offers fuel efficient engine options. One way you can maintain your engine is to pay attention to what is going on under your hood. Also, pay attention to your dashboard warning lights. A simple tune-up and lubrication will keep your engine performing at optimum levels.


  • Get your tires properly inflated. The condition of your tires has a big impact on your fuel economy. You can spend less money on gas by having your tires properly inflated. The ideal time to check tire pressure is when the car hasn’t been driven. Refer to your car’s manual or visit Rick Case Honda, your South Florida Honda dealership, to get the recommended air pressure for your car.


  • Get regular oil changes. Did you know you can waste up to 20% of fuel by not replacing engine oil? Engine oil breaks down as it ages, thus making it less effective at doing its job. In order for engine oil to keep your car parts and engine running smoothly it has to be replaced on a regular basis. Without the right type and amount of oil, your engine will run hotter and less efficiently. Use manufacturer specified engine oil to keep your engine and car parts well lubricated.


  • Drive calmly and safely. Over time, aggressive braking and accelerating will take its toll on your car. As hard as it may seem, disciplined driving will pay off in the long run. To avoid speeding, leave early and give yourself time to drive the speed limit. Driving at 60mph instead of 65mph will make a difference in your fuel consumption. Rely on cruise control on non-busy roads to help you maintain a steady speed. One way to save gas is to avoid traveling during rush hour. Idling in traffic will decrease your gas mileage.


Whether you are driving a new or used Honda Accord, keeping your car in good shape will prolong its fuel efficiency. A well maintained car is an eco-friendly car because it emits less CO2 into the atmosphere. To get started on getting auto repair, visit Rick Case Honda at Griffin Road, 15700 Rick Case Honda Way, Davie, FL 33331, or call 888 384-1036 to get the latest deals on services and car parts.