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Winter Maintenance Checklist – Are You Prepared?

December is here and that means winter is right around the corner. Whether you live in the northern parts of the country or even in the south, anyone with a car should take the appropriate steps to winterize their vehicles.

Winterize Your Car - Antifreeze

To help ensure your Honda is ready for the winter season, be sure to reference our handy winter maintenance checklist.

Winter Maintenance Checklist:
☐ Washer Fluid – To avoid freezing, be sure to include a 50/50 mixture of windshield fluid and antifreeze.

☐ Tires – When temperatures change, so does tire pressure. Check tire pressure on all four tires and ensure the spare is in good condition. To find your auto’s proper tire pressure, refer to your owner’s manual.

☐ Batteries – Test your battery to ensure it is fully charged. During winter, especially with cold temperatures, a fully charged battery is needed to start an engine.

☐ Wiper Blades – From rain and snow, make sure your wiper blades are in tip-top condition to provide you with a clean and safe windshield.

☐ Brakes – It’s always important to periodically test your brakes. Visit Rick Case Honda in Davie, FL, near Miami, or your local auto repair shop to ensure brakes meet inspection and all components are in working order.

☐ Lights – This includes headlights, brake lights, turn signals and flashers. Before winter arrives, check the functionality of all lights and replace any burnt out bulbs.

☐ Emergency Road Kit – If your Honda does not yet have an emergency road kit, this is a must-have. While there are a variety of kits available, the top items to have on-hand include a flashlight, phone charger, first aid kit, drinking water, blankets, snow shovel and jumper cables.

While below zero temperatures and snow are rare in South Florida, no matter where you are in the country, it’s important to maintain your car to ensure its functioning properly for safe and easy driving.

Have questions? Need your car inspected? Visit Rick Case Honda in Davie, FL near Miami for all of your Honda needs.

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