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Advantages of Financing Your Car Through Honda Financial

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In the movie “Scarface,” character Tony Montana complicates the car-buying experience by asking for bulletproof glass and a UFO scanner on his new sports car. Thankfully, Montana’s needs aren’t the norm. It’s likely that the biggest obstacle you’ll face when buying a car is choosing the right lender.


If you’re in the market for a new or used Honda, you already know that Honda Financial Services is among your choices. But you may not know that there are some distinct advantages to manufacturer financing. These include the following.

  • Exclusive Deals: In general, Honda Financial Services provides very competitive interest rates. On top of that, you may also have access to promotional, money-saving deals. For example, Honda Financial periodically discounts the APR to as low as 0.9% and offers lease specials with payments as low as $199 per month. These are essentially sales on financing, which is something traditional lenders typically don’t do.
  • Loyalty Incentives. Your Honda Financial loan or lease may also qualify you for special loyalty incentives, which can amount to $1,000 in additional savings.
  • Expertise: The financial advisors at Rick Case Honda are experts in Honda Financial Services’ programs. As such, they can easily guide you to the most cost-effective financing for your situation.
  • Access to Tools: HondaFinancialServices.com provides you with the tools and loan calculators you need to understand how much you can afford to lease or buy. Once your loan or lease is funded, you can view statements, set payment preferences, update your account profile and make payments online.
  • Convenience: You can secure your Honda financing in minutes at the dealership. Or, you can fill out a credit application on RickCaseHonda.com before you come in. In either case, the application and approval process tends to be much shorter than it would be with a direct lender.

In short, financing at your car dealership through Honda Financial is the easiest option and often the least expensive. Can you use the money you save to buy a UFO scanner for your new Honda? Maybe, but we’d advise against it.

The friendly and knowledgeable sales and financing team at Rick Case Honda can help you assess your financial situation, determine a budget and select the best financing option. With an assortment of auto loan and lease options available and an expansive selection of new and used cars, Rick Case is an excellent choice for a Honda dealership in the Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and Davie, Fla. area.





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